The Conciliabule

BEKERMAN CADEO operates in the business world.

The Firm stands out by resolving disputes with a unique and innovative method,
favoring discussion between the parties.

The Conciliabule owes its genesis from three observations:


Every problem has its solution.


This solution does not necessarily result in a court decision.


Disputes are lengthy, complex, costly, and their outcome is inherently unpredictable.

Based on these observations, BEKERMAN CADEO encourages the amicable
resolution of disputes by working to develop tailor-made solutions with carefully
selected trusted third parties who have unanimously recognized expertise in the
relevant field (the “Pool”).

The Conciliabule thus relies on a pool of demanding, experienced, and recognized
professionals in their respective fields.

Unlike an arbitrator, who renders a “conviction”, the Conciliabule and its Pool develop
tailor-made solutions, dictated in the common interest of the parties.

The Strategic Firm