Restructuring & Collective Procedures

BEKERMAN CADEO intervenes in distressed company matters, both in the preliminary stages (conciliation, ad hoc mandate) and in the implementation of insolvency proceedings (safeguard, judicial reorganization, or judicial liquidation).

Antoine Cadeo de Iturbide benefits from a recognized expertise in restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and refinancing.

BEKERMAN CADEO also addresses all corporate matters that companies, their executives, shareholders, creditors, and acquirers may encounter in the process.

With an in-depth knowledge of courts and their mechanisms, the Firm handles cases with high strategic stakes.

Lastly, Antoine Cadeo de Iturbide assists and represents, in close collaboration with the Firm’s criminal team, executives in civil and criminal liability proceedings (prohibition to manage, personal bankruptcy, filling of liabilities, bankruptcy, misuse of corporate assets…).

Business law

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